Narf :: Customer Satisfaction

You are a valued customer…and we recognize that! We do not charge “resource exceeded” fees, apply crystal-clear pricing at all times, and offer tiered SLA's in our solutions!

Narf :: ICT Expertise

You need people who know their way around ICT…who doesn’t? Our team of ICT experts will do everything you want done. (And this includes the sales people, for a change.)

Narf :: Service Performance

You want a service that is blazing-fast, not staggeringly slow…we couldn’t agree more! We do not oversubscribe services, and pick the best datacenters based on performance!

Support & SLA

We support, you create!

We strive to be a responsible service provider, and as such we offer basic support options as well as a basic service level agreement (SLA) plan to all customers. However, since we understand that the needs of each customer are varied, we have developed a 4-tier system in order to provide additional Support & SLA plans to our customers.

This support structure applies to the following products:
  • Narf Custom Plan
  • Narf Instant Plan

bronze support <center>Support | SLA</center>

Free and basic support & SLA that is available to all customers by default. A support level highly recommended for light users who want to use static websites without important or frequent changes taking place.

silver support <center>Support | SLA</center>

Affordable and quality support for advanced users, who would like to have a daily backup, as well as a more comprehensive SLA in place. Narf Remote Admin for Web Hosting becomes even more affordable on a per incident basis, in Silver Support level.

gold support <center>Support | SLA</center>

Gold support users demand the support offered to them to go “down that extra mile”. Apart from the SLA offered that guarantees problem resolution within hours, the additional option for free provision of Narf Remote Admin for Web Hosting (on weekdays) from our expert personnel, is also available. This support level constitutes a managed service.

platinum support <center>Support | SLA</center>

The top level of support – Intended for mission-critical users who demand telephone support from our expert personnel 24/7/365 . The highest level SLA is applicable to this level, as well as unlimited usage of Narf Remote Admin for Web Hosting using our expert personnel. This support level constitutes a managed service.

Narf Remote Admin for Web Hosting

Expertise On-Demand

We know that it’s important to provide flawless support, even at the most complex requests. This is why we have created Remote Admin for Web Hosting, a remote administration service that  is available for anything outside the scope of technical support or assistance. Our expert personnel are standing by and are ready to address your account administration needs, whatever they may entail.

Pay for Only What You Need

We have decided to take a flexible approach in administration assistance issues. This is why we do not charge using time increments, by half-hour or by hour of support provided. In fact, depending on the level of support you have chosen for your account, you may have Remote Admin for Web Hosting available for free, or for a low per-incident fee, in Gold, Silver or Bronze support levels.

Services available using Narf Remote Admin for Web Hosting:
  • Custom software installation / updates (provided that the software is compatible with the server operating system)
  • Implementation of firewall rules per account holder’s request, deployment and troubleshooting
  • Custom-issue resolution and root cause analysis
  • Server migration services from a server to another
  • General account administration services
The (not so) small print regarding support provision:
  1. The method of communication with the company is determined by the support plan chosen. We offer a plethora of options in order to ensure constant and complete communication, ranging from Client Area trouble ticket to live chat sessions / phone support.
  2. Backup of data is performed automatically, and is available to users through their CPanel interface.  Restoration takes place following the submission of a trouble ticket.
  3. SLA Compensation is calculated from the time the customer communicates with support onwards. The customer has to contact Support with the most direct way possible for the SLA to be applicable, for example a Platinum Support & SLA customer should contact Support via telephone, or a Bronze Support customer via trouble ticket. Following the support incident closure, the account owner will be informed of any SLA credit applicable within 48 hours or less.
  4. Narf Remote Admin for Web Hosting constitutes a remote administration service and is provided according to the scope described. Emergency technical support, or support originating from hardware / services failure, is never applicable to any charges or fees.
  5. You can find the terms and conditions applicable for web hosting services, Support & SLA levels, and more, in our Legal page.