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Grand plans made a reality

grando <center>Grando</center>

What is it?

Grando is the Large product of the Narf Instant Plan family, providing grand resources to take care of your grand plans. By now, you probably want to do more than operate a simple website, you need to expand – Grando does this for you. We’ll be there to assist you make your expansion a reality!

Grando had as its design goal the fulfillment of quite elaborate needs, reaching beyond a simple website or blog. As always in the Narf Instant Plan line of products, you can deploy immediately, or customize the product using several Support & SLA options available.

Grando Key Features

Attribute Quantity / Analysis Details
Disk Space 5 GB Premium Storage
Bandwidth Traffic 75 GB Network Transfer
Bundled Support Level Bronze Weekly Backup, Best Effort SLA
Bundled Resources Standard (100/10) 100x E-mail, 10x FTP, mySQL DBs, et al

Want to find out more?

You can visit the FAQ, or send a question to our Sales people!

Grando Pricing

Billing Period Price Special Offers
1 Month From 12 € (incl. VAT 21%) -
3 Months From 36 € (incl. VAT 21%) 8.35% discount – Now from 33 €!
6 Months From 72 € (incl. VAT 21%) 11.11% discount – Now from 64 €!
12 Months From 144 € (incl. VAT 21%) 16.67% discount – Now from 120 €!
24 Months From 288 € (incl. VAT 21%) 20.85% discount – Now from 228 €!

Need a customized solution?

Narf Instant Plan products aim to offer a bundle that is hassle-free and easy to deploy. If you need something resembling Grando, but not quite it, build your own Custom Plan and fine-tune it to your liking!