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Regular price – Gigantic features

giganto <center>Giganto</center>

What is it?

Giganto is the Extra-Large product of the Narf Instant Plan family, making available truly gigantic features for a regular price. You certainly have moved above and beyond one website or blog, and want a solution available to accommodate your new endeavors. Giganto can ensure you’re on the right track. We’ll remain by your side while you organize matters  to a larger scale.

Giganto is designed to provide the ultimate solution for an extra-large, instant deployment experience. Continuing the trend found in other Narf Instant Plan products, you can customize Giganto to fit your needs, using several Support & SLA options.

Giganto Key Features

Attribute Quantity / Analysis Details
Disk Space 10 GB Premium Storage
Bandwidth Traffic 150 GB Network Transfer
Bundled Support Level Bronze Weekly Backup, Best Effort SLA
Bundled Resources Standard (100/10) 100x E-mail, 10x FTP, mySQL DBs, et al

Want to find out more?

You can visit the FAQ, or send a question to our Sales people!

Giganto Pricing

Billing Period Price Special Offers
1 Month From 18 € (incl. VAT 21%) -
3 Months From 54 € (incl. VAT 21%) 7.41% discount – Now from 50 €!
6 Months From 108 € (incl. VAT 21%) 11.11% discount – Now from 96 €!
12 Months From 216 € (incl. VAT 21%) 16.67% discount – Now from 180 €!
24 Months From 432 € (incl. VAT 21%) 20.85% discount – Now from 342 €!

Need a customized solution?

Narf Instant Plan products aim to offer a bundle that is hassle-free and easy to deploy. If you need something resembling Giganto, but not quite it, build your own Custom Plan and fine-tune it to your liking!