Narf :: Customer Satisfaction

You are a valued customer…and we recognize that! We do not charge “resource exceeded” fees, apply crystal-clear pricing at all times, and offer tiered SLA's in our solutions!

Narf :: ICT Expertise

You need people who know their way around ICT…who doesn’t? Our team of ICT experts will do everything you want done. (And this includes the sales people, for a change.)

Narf :: Service Performance

You want a service that is blazing-fast, not staggeringly slow…we couldn’t agree more! We do not oversubscribe services, and pick the best datacenters based on performance!


Virtual | Dedicated | Custom

If you need a server in any form, chances are you have a specific project or requirement in mind. We will stand by our commitment to provide friendly, knowledgeable support, and offer you options to either manage the server yourself… Or obtain support and management from our expert personnel.

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Narf virtuo.maquina is our line of virtual private servers, always conforming to our strict standards for optimal performance and value. We offer virtuo.maquina I and II, our predefined Windows or Linux VPS solutions, and custom virtuo.maquina through which you can request us a quote for any kind of VPS, in any of the 5 continents – we will find it for you.

D e d i c a t e d

Narf enorme.maquina is our line of dedicated servers, both predefined and custom.  We actively source the best datacenters based on performance, and provide tailor-made solutions with a wealth of options for every use imaginable. We offer enorme.maquina I and II, our predefined Windows or Linux dedicated solutions, and custom enorme.maquina through which you can request us a quote for any server, in any of the 5 continents – we will find a match.


Our selection criteria

In the web hosting and servers business, it’s common knowledge that “what glitters is not gold”. Certainly, there are hundreds of datacenters worldwide that may advertise to be “the best” “provide unlimited / unmetered everything” or “supply services at the best value in the market”. Thankfully, we know better than this.

The probability of someone shopping from a datacenter and then discovering that its network performance is lackluster, the hardware is leaving lots to be desired, or the datacenter has no support at all should something go wrong, is quite high. This is where we come in.

Having the needed experience and know-how that enables us to evaluate a datacenter and its offerings, we are able to suggest to each customer the best service for one’s needs. We will gladly provide a quote for anything and everything you require: Specific geographical location? A small server to cover secondary needs? A mass storage machine? A cluster? A whole rack? We can do this for you.

Our solutions in regards to servers covers all specifications possible, from a virtual private machine (VPS) to an enormous corporate-level dedicated server solution with complete redundancy and geographical diversity.

In order to provide this, we mix and match solutions available from different datacenters, in Europe, USA, and other continents, always prioritizing network performance, stability and support first and foremost. We may never quote you a “20 EUR dedicated server”, but we will draft your offer meticulously, with supreme attention-to-detail. We will never inflate an offer with things you would not need, because we are restrained to a specific datacenter only. All in all, if you are looking for flexibility – look no further.