Narf :: Customer Satisfaction

You are a valued customer…and we recognize that! We do not charge “resource exceeded” fees, apply crystal-clear pricing at all times, and offer tiered SLA's in our solutions!

Narf :: ICT Expertise

You need people who know their way around ICT…who doesn’t? Our team of ICT experts will do everything you want done. (And this includes the sales people, for a change.)

Narf :: Service Performance

You want a service that is blazing-fast, not staggeringly slow…we couldn’t agree more! We do not oversubscribe services, and pick the best datacenters based on performance!

Methods of Payment

What to use

You can pay for all products and  services using the following options:

Credit Card

PP <center>Methods of Payment</center>

Payments through Credit Cards are supported through PayPal (VISA / Mastercard / VISA Debit / American Express/ Discover / Maestro).

You are free to either pay using your PayPal account, if applicable, or make a one-time payment using your credit card, without needing an account.

Bank Transfer

You can transfer funds to the following bank accounts:

ING <center>Methods of Payment</center>